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We are a Human Capital Development Consulting Firm

Focused on transcending talents and organisations into the infinite dimension. In doing so we aim to create exceptional value for all those that we serve. We are all about changing the rules of the games and radically altering and going beyond the status quo.

We design and actualise solutions that revolutionise talent development and result in sustained business growth and long term success.

We realise oneness with divinity and the interconnectivity of business, people and the planet. Creating value for humanity forms part of our core business strategy.

This allows us to play our part in uplifting humanity and moving the human race forward.

We achieve business success through collaborations and by creating strategic alliance partnerships. We have established partnerships with various industry leaders and are able to embrace connected brilliance and thinking in problem solving and solution delivery.


Our values form the back-bone of our organisation. They are rooted in the souls of all our people and are based on faith, confidence and strong moral foundations. Azamin CEO
/ Who We Are

We will help you to discover opportunities and threats and create action that leads to ongoing success.

Leading organisations in these volatile and complex times require new approaches and mind-sets. Trends and emerging landscapes in society, technology and the economy are all converging in unexpected ways, forever changing how people view and interact with the world.

Individuals and organisations that anticipate this value shift and take appropriate actions will be positioned to benefit from the opportunities that present themselves. Those that remain tied to the current norm and conventional business practice will most likely struggle.

Developing an empowered culture and competency based on foresight is a critical skillset for successful innovation, strategy, creativity and design in a world of complex ideas and practices.

What is needed is the development of adaptation, resilience and transformation through recognition of emerging patterns, environment and possibilities.

At Acquira Global Ventures, we help you to uncover these trends and ideas on the horizon that are going to impact you as a person or your business as an organisation, and discover unseen opportunities for growth and advantage today.

The way that you see the future directly impacts the actions you take today.
/ Our Philosophy

An idea that is
not dangerous
is unworthy of
being called an
idea at all.

This is the philosophy that runs throughout everything we do at Acquira, granting us the insight beyond present day limitations and the linear ways of viewing the world.

Through the lens of foresight, we are able to help individuals and organisations turn both short term and long term possibilities into actions and outcomes they need.

We envision innovation outside the confines of the competitive environment and industry related benchmarking.

In a complex environment, innovation must come from a place beyond our understanding of past and present realities but a pull the future into the present transformation.

The vision and mission remains resilient however, strategy changes together with an ever changing environment. A dynamic strategic mindset allows us to include multiple alternatives and possibilities in all of the decision making process rather than employing the linear strategic practice of strategic planning.

This creates systems, tactics and actions into agents that are nimble, agile, elastic, adaptive and transformative.

One of the best way to foster creativity is in leadership and collaboration. When people are collectively given the platform to formulate their future roles in a provocative and constructional way, they are free from their confines of present reality.

This drives deep into talent development and engagement practices that evolves beyond traditional biases and opens the door to creative thinking.

In a constantly evolving complex world, it is not sufficient to create things that increase productivity to maximise profitability.

In a constantly evolving complex world, it is not sufficient to create things that increase productivity to maximise profitability.
/ Our Methodology

Integrated practice offers a holistic approach will result in the development of a sustainable human capital development plan.

Going Against the Grain

Information can be both beneficial and detrimental, depends on the intention of usage. We all have a natural ability to filter what is needed or otherwise. However, in an environment of volatile change, the filtering process can in many ways be deceptive, leading to an unconscious rejection of new opportunities as they are not coherent to our established practices. This enables us to open our minds to different perspectives and looking at things from a different paradigm. This practice enables us to embrace the critical skill of learn, unlearn and relearn.

Looking Beyond the Comfort Zone

The next step is to scan the external environment for trends, patterns and emerging issues that has the ability to shape our foresight, innovative and creative capabilities and ultimately come up with a well-designed solution. The key is to identify the value shifts that are creating the trends and its impact on the society and businesses.

Develop an Agile Work Plan

No one can predict the future but we can create a map of the future that we can function within which will prepare us for risks and disruptions and take advantage of any opportunities that arise. Scenario development provides these maps for us, allowing us to explore multiple alternatives. .

Deploy Empowering Actions

Scenario planning helps us to convert our future insights into impactful and action-oriented decision making in the present. The power of the above methodology is directly linked to creating a multi-faceted strategy, innovation and actions that are robust in their possibilities, solutions and outcomes for both the individual and organisation..

Information can be both beneficial and detrimental, depends on the intention of usage. Azamin CEO
/ Our Activities

The key to a successful network operation is to provide high quality services.

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